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HMRC Probate Service Fees

The current flat fee of £215 (or £155 if an application is made through a solicitor) is set to rise and the fee will be based on the value of the estate. The change in fees is believed to be being made in May 2017.

The fee will be based on a scale charge as set out below:

Estate Value Fee
£0to£50,000 £0
£50,001to£300,000 £300
£300,001to£500,000 £1,000
£500,001to£1,000,000 £4,000
£1,000,000to£1,600,000 £8,000
£1,600,001to£2,000,000 £12,000
£2,000,001and over £20,000

Despite an overwhelming rejection (over 80%) of the proposals by those who responded to the "consultation" which had little publicity and a very short time period the government is ploughing on with this thinly disguised tax grab.