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Fee Information

The Solicitors Regulation Authority require legal firms to publish information and pricing for certain legal services from 6th December 2018.

Those of you who have used my services over the past 37 years will be aware that I am not coy about pricing and will always provide a bespoke written quotation by email (or post if you prefer) and will continue to do this. I treat every client as an individual and recognise that all clients have particular needs and requirements.

I do not believe buying and selling property or dealing with the assets of someone who has died can be compared with buying a widget or car insurance on-line. However, in this insistent, instantaneous, remote world in which we live the regulator feels a click away is a helpful approach.

Given that housing and probate are usually one of the most high value, emotional and stressful times in any persons life, I do not wish these new rules to trivialise the matters by relegating first contact to an on line affair when we need to engage and you need to make important decisions and choices. I will still see every one of my clients face to face (if they wish and I prefer to do so) and urge you to telephone me to talk through your matter and come in to see me as nothing surpasses personal contact (with a cup of coffee/tea in hand).

Please remember pricing is only one factor: service is paramount.

The services I am required to provide details of on line are:

You will find all the appropriate details here.

About me

I qualified as a Solicitor in February 1981, hold a Bachelor of Laws Degree, and have practised in both the public and the private sectors.

I have run my own business as a Solicitor since 1984 and have practised from my current address since June 1985.