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Energy Performance Certificates

What is an Energy Performance Certificate ?

This is a brief report that purports to rate a property's energy efficiency rating and some idealised potential rating. The report will contain suggestions as to how you might improve the efficiency rating (add more insulation, use more energy efficient light bulbs and other equally obvious points) - here is an example report.

Frankly the money spent on this report would be better applied to purchasing more loft insulation as this is the only improvement that will likely give a "pay back" in your lifetime!

When and why do I need an EPC ?

Please visit the Government Website for an answer to these questions !

How do I get an EPC ?

Simply type "epc" into your favourite search engine and reach for a pin or we can direct you to our favoured inspectors who have proved reliable since the legislation came into force.

Please note Energy Performance Certificates are readily available for less than £60.00. Inspectors capable of providing these certificates can easily be found and you do not need an estate agent to do this for you.

Thus far it seems that no two Inspectors will produce the same result on the same property so the result is pretty much a lottery. The result of the inspection will be lodged on a central government database and currently there is no appeal process to remedy a bad or rogue report.

How do I get a copy of an EPC ?

To download an electronic (pdf) copy of an epc please click here - you will need to enter the correct 24 digit reference number.