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Residential Property Conveyancing

This is the area of the law that most people come in to contact with at some point in their life as it involves buying, selling or renting somewhere to live.

As a first experience of the law it is often a daunting experience given the financial commitments being made, the unfamiliar language and the somewhat "stuffy" and "aloof" attitude generally ascribed to Solicitors. Fear not, we are here to help !

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Briefly the steps involved in buying a property are as follows:

  1. Obtain a draft contract and supporting documentation from the vendor's Solicitor.
  2. Check that the vendor has good title.
  3. Raise any preliminary enquiries we consider necessary.
  4. Make a Local Search at the authority which would for example reveal any road schemes which might affect the property. It should be noted that the local search will not reveal information about adjoining/nearby properties but only your purchase. Make any other searches we consider prudent (for example a Chancel Repair Search).
  5. Agree the form of draft contract.
  6. When everyone is ready and we know that the mortgage funds (if appropriate) are available we then exchange contracts. It is at this stage that you are legally bound to the purchase and customarily to pay a 10% deposit.
  7. Make pre-completion searches at the Land Registry and Bankruptcy Searches of you if you are obtaining a mortgage.
  8. On completion receive the purchase money from you or from any related sale and mortgage advance (if appropriate) and then pay for the purchase of the property.
  9. Following attending to Stamp Duty Land Tax payment, register your title at the Land Registry (and that of any mortgagee's charge if appropriate).
  10. Send the title deeds to you (or to the Mortgagee if the property is mortgaged who will hold them as long as the mortgage is outstanding).

See our explanatory notes for an in depth description of events.


Briefly the steps involved in selling a property are as follows:

  1. On receipt of the title deeds a draft contract is prepared which is sent in duplicate to the purchaser's Solicitor together with any supporting title documentation.
  2. The Purchaser's Solicitor will raise any enquiries he may wish upon that documentation and utilising the information sheets that we will provide and the fixtures and fittings questionnaire we will reply to those enquiries.
  3. When we have dealt satisfactorily with all the purchaser's Solicitor's enquiries he/she will then agree the contract.
  4. When everyone is ready we would then exchange contracts and the agreement becomes binding on all parties.
  5. On completion, any mortgage is redeemed and the title deeds are handed over to the purchaser's Solicitor in exchange for the purchase money.
  6. Once we have received the whole purchase monies the purchaser is entitled to vacant possession of the property. Normally completion is effected by about mid-day and you should ensure that removal is dealt with accordingly.
  7. With regard to any mortgage you may have this will be redeemed by me on receipt of the purchaser's funds. Any surplus funds can be paid to you by cheque or transferred directly as a cleared funds to your Bank Account (a Telegraphic Transfer fee is charged by the bank for this service). If you do not have a joint account with any co-owner then two cheques each for half the value of the surplus will be issued in the absence of written confirmation from both parties that the sale proceeds may be paid to one party.
  8. In addition to our fee the most usual disbursements on sale are office copies.
  9. If the property is leasehold then we will have to obtain information from the Landlord/ Managing Agent - copy up to date insurance policy for the block management accounts and the like - usually we will be charged for this information.


Should you require a draft shorthold tenancy or should you wish to discuss any aspect of letting please contact us.